Carini Law


“Peter Carini met with us and laid out what he would do. He then did exactly what he said he would do. He did the homework and eloquently and persuasively laid out the facts to the jury. The jury found our son not guilty due to Peter’s ability to bring out the truth and facts. Peter’s fee was reasonable and money well spent. Our son now has a bright future due to the good work of Peter Carini.”

Pat, Jo and Scott M.

“My experience with Peter Carini was more than what I expected. I wanted an Attorney that would go to bat for me and do all that he could to get my case dismissed and that is exactly what he did.

Peter was knowledgeable, persuasive and very thorough.

I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is in need of an excellent attorney.”


“AMAZING!! If you ever need a defense attorney Peter is the man to see! After waiting over a year to finally get to trail (the state didn’t have a case!) the jury came back with a not guilty verdict! Worth every penny! Oh and did I mention he threw out his back the day before trail and still attended instead of delaying it :)”


“When my husband was arrested for DUI we hired a lawyer, paid a deposit and had our initial conference. We left that meeting feeling uneasy. We were referred to Peter Carini days later and after meeting him for a free consult felt like there was hope. He put us at ease enough to forgo the deposit we made with the other lawyer and hire Peter. The trial was delayed 5 different times over the course of a year (we believe because they didn’t have a strong case). During the trial it was very evident that Peter knew his stuff. He is actually quit awesome to watch in action. He’s so knowledgeable about DUI testing and training that he was actually showing the officer how to read his own manual. Our case ended in our favor. But even if it hadn’t, I truly believe Peter did everything possible for us and we were in excellent hands. I would 100% recommend Peter Carini!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”


“Wow. Way to totally mess up the stereotypes about lawyers!! Mr. Carini provided TONS of information over the phone, with no payment whatsoever. His demeanor set our hearts at ease, and all of what he told us would happen came true. And he kept saying the funniest thing: “Save you money, you don’t need to hire me.” Seriously!
I tell you what though—if ever I do have a need, or if any friend has a need, there is only one attorney I will be calling. It is so frustrating to be dealing with “the system” when the authorities give you zero information. Thank goodness this attorney knows what happens and doesn’t mind sharing that knowledge.”