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What Types Of Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Can Happen?

Birth-related medical malpractice is medical errors caused by negligence that is done during all aspects of a woman’s birth. These errors can be done by the physician, other medical professionals, and even the hospital. When either of these entities does not use reasonable care when treating or caring for a pregnant mother, birth-related injuries can occur. The birth-related medical malpractices that can occur are the following: Birth injuries: When the infant or mother endure injuries during the pregnancy or delivery. Wrongful pregnancy: This refers to a pregnancy still continuing despite the parent’s efforts to avoid becoming pregnant or ending the… Read More

Suing A Hospital For Wrongful Vaccination Of A Newborn

During the birth of a child, hospitals have been known to routinely give Vitamin K, Hepatitis B shot, and ointment in the baby’s eyes. What many parents may not be aware of is that they are allowed to refuse these treatments ahead of time. When a parent tells their physician that they do not want any of these routine treatments to be given to their baby when they are born, the physician is required to allow the parent to file a signed waiver explaining how they do not want these treatments done to their baby. The informed permission of the… Read More

How To Use Criminal And DUII Defense Websites?

Hey. Thanks for coming to the site my name is Peter Carini and I want to give you a little warning. When you are reading about this site. When you are going through my website or anybody’s website, you have to take it with a grain of salt. You are not going to find out what you need to know to deal with your case on our website. You are going to get some general knowledge, some general information. If you start deluding yourself into thinking that what you learn on this website is a substitute for a real lawyer… Read More

Former Owner Of Little Caesars Pizza Shop In Ashland Acquitted In Arson Conspiracy Trial

52-year-old Mark Alan McAlister of Medford, also the former owner of a Little Caesars pizza shop in Ashland, has been acquitted of all counts by a jury in an arson conspiracy trial. McAlister is facing three counts of conspiracy to commit arson. According to investigators, he asked Brian Vernon Morris, a handyman at the shop, to break a natural gas line and leave a candle burning in the pizza shop in order to blow it up. The pizza shop was located on the back side of the Market of Choice grocery complex. This incident took place in February 2014. During… Read More