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Before you lay out a lot of money or get into a financing plan with a lawyer, I suggest that you first find out if spending a pile of money is going to you the result that you expect. You know, most people who call me can get all of help that they must have and want for about $500.00. Sometimes, less. I have been doing this line of work for over 20 years.  If the client can get their police reports and video, I am very good at sizing up the case and explaining it so that any client can make a good decision. Usually, the case can be worked out with a single telephone call. DA’s should and do trust me that I know what is going on with the case and that I know what constitutes a reasonable resolution. Most cases are not that complicated. It does not take much of my time for you to be sure that you are getting treated fairly.

Peter Carini has successfully defended several thousand accused people in the court. He has over 300 jury trials to verdict (one of the most in the State of Oregon). Since Peter Carini is a solo practitioner, all clients are guaranteed his full and personal attention. He limits the number of clients he takes in so that quality is never sacrificed for quantity. His billing practice is unique for a criminal defense attorney in Jackson County, Oregon. He offers hourly billing for attorney fees so that the client has control and input over the case and the ultimate cost. Read More


  • "Peter Carini met with us and laid out what he would do....  Our son now has a bright future due to the good work of Peter Carini."


    Pat, Jo and Scott M.
  • "My experience with Peter Carini was more than what I expected. I wanted an Attorney that would go to bat for me and do all that he could to get my case dismissed and that is exactly what he did..."

  • "Wow. Way to totally mess up the stereotypes about lawyers!! Mr. Carini provided TONS of information over the phone, with no payment whatsoever. His demeanor set our hearts at ease, and all of what he told us would..."

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Peter Carini is an Oregon trial lawyer specializing in the defense of persons accused of felonies and misdemeanors. He is a frequent lecturer on effective trial tactics and strategies at legal seminars throughout the United States. Admitted to practice in Oregon.

My practice is specialized and focused on Criminal Defense. Typically, a general practitioner takes cases in addition to criminal defense, such as divorce, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy and immigration. My philosophy of work is different.Read More

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