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You want direct answers to a direct question. You want to know what the odds are of winning your case. You want to know if spending a lot of money on an attorney is going to pay off.  Isn’t this what you want to know? Carini & Francis is a criminal DUII boutique law firm.  This all that we do and we do it well. If you call you will have your questions answered so you can make decisions about your case. Do not expect a sale job because you will not get one from us. My partner, William Francis and I represent clients in Bend, Gold Beach, Coquille, Corvallis, Roseburg, Klamath Falls, Grants Pass and Medford from our office in Medford, Oregon.

Let’s face it. Most every lawyer who advertises as a criminal defense lawyer says that they do DUII cases. Unfortunately, not many feel they can win the case is the breath test is over the legal limit or the toxicological report comes back with drugs present. As a result, the vast majority of DUII cases end up with the client pleading guilty of the charge because their lawyer makes them feel that they cannot win even if they are actually innocent. But, the truth is that there is usually no benefit to pleading guilty to a DUII charge in Oregon. The reason being that you will get virtually the same sentence if you plead guilty or are found guilty after a jury trial. In other words, there is no downside to taking your chances at trial. Plus, an Oregon DUII criminal conviction or Diversion will stay on the driver’s criminal and driving record forever. It cannot be expunged. The collateral consequences of a guilty plea to a crime or entry into Deferred prosecution or Diversion can be significant. For example, a person who pleads guilty or enters DUII Diversion will be barred from legal entry into some foreign countries, such as Canada, for at least 5 years. If the arrested person is a Canadian citizen, they will be barred from entry into the United States if they are convicted of DUII or enter a DUII diversion program.  If a citizen of a state other than Oregon is convicted of DUII or enters a DUII diversion program their home state may suspend their license even if there is no suspension from an Oregon court or agency. At a minimum there will probably be a reporting requirement for people who hold professional licenses. There are also security clearance, insurance and bonding issues that may arise.  The law and the potential collateral consequences resulting from a DUII arrest is complex and a trap for the unwary. We try our best helping people with DUI and related charges to avoid the traps and escape the consequences of the arrest.  TIP: The first course of action in the defense of any DUI criminal charge is to demand a DMV hearing to contest an implied consent driver’s license suspension resulting from a breath test failure, breath test refusal,  blood test refusal, or a urine test refusal.

Quality is usually worth the price. 
Hiring a criminal defense attorney or a law firm can be a difficult decision.  As a general rule, the better lawyers have been practicing in the particular legal area for over 10 years. There is a correlation between the attorney fee and the quality of service, skill and time employed on a legal matter. Most criminal defense attorneys will charge a flat rate for a criminal case. Most criminal defense lawyers in Oregon calculate their flat rate using an hourly rate that is prevalent in the region that they practice. Southern Oregon’s hourly attorney rates are usually less than rates in Portland.  The better lawyers tend to have excellent reputations among other lawyers.  A lawyer achieves an excellent reputation by providing a superior service and achieving better than average outcomes. To a great degree, the outcome of case is significantly influence by the amount of time the attorney devotes to that matter. As a general rule, the attorneys who charge a low flat rate expect to spend less time on the case than an attorney who quotes a larger fee.   It may be a mistake to think that there is nothing that can be done to defend against a DUII charge and thus, spending money on a good criminal defense DUI lawyer is not an good use of money. Then again, sometimes being represented “good” lawyer is not enough to win. Sometimes you will need a great lawyer to win. While it is true that there are cases where I will advise my client to take a negotiated plea bargain or enter Diversion because it is the “right move” for that particular client, that is not always the case especially where DUII diversion is not an acceptable option. To get the best result your attorney will have to place themselves in your shoes.  At least, that is the method that I use and it has produced good results for my clients. If you want me to look over your case and let you know the reality of your situation, all you have to do is give me a call.


No Other Firm in Oregon Shares Our Qualifications Peter CariniWilliam Francis

Your criminal defense lawyer can have a major impact on the outcome of your criminal DUI case. Carini & Francis are trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing  and the Drug Recognition and Evaluation protocol developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The National Highway Traffic Satey Administration is the federal agency that develops the DUII training courses employed by the Oregon Bureau of Police Standards and Training. There are a couple of other lawyers in Oregon who have taken this training as well.

Breath Testing Qualified

Carini & Francis is certified in the operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000 and Intoxilyzer 8000. Because of this knowledge I understand the machine that you were tested on and can answer your questions about it.  Many client’s breath tests are entirely excluded from evidence by court order after submitting a suppression motion.  Even if the breath test result is deemed admissible that does not mean that the result accurately reflects your blood alcohol level at the time of driving.  In fact, your true blood alcohol content certainly was not what was reflected on the Intoxilyzer printout. The device will accurately measure the weight of alcohol coming off your breath. But, the breath alcohol level is not the same as blood alcohol level. Everyone is different. It all depends on factors that no one can replicate. It is not against the law to have a breath alcohol reading of .08 or greater. The law requires a blood alcohol reading over the limit. There may be one or two other attorneys in Oregon who have taken this training as well.

Blood, Urine Testing, and Drug Recognition Evaluations

We will determine whether the Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) was performed correctly and whether the officer’s opinion is supported by science. We will determine whether your chemical analysis was done properly, whether the sample was stored properly and whether the lab applied the correct testing methods and procedures. We can do this because we have gone through the same DRE classroom training as the police. We can ascertain whether your lab results are forensically reliable because we have studied with the premiere forensic scientists to help us identify blood and urine testing issues.  There may be two or three other lawyers in Oregon who have taken this training.

Caring and Comprehensive Defense
I guarantee that my clients receive personal attention, support and a well implemented strategy.

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